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[texts]Traditional Vs. Islamic Epistemologies
ÙظرÙØ© اÙÙعرÙØ© Ù٠اÙÙÙظÙرÙ٠اÙتÙÙÙد٠ÙاÙإسÙاÙÙ
Keywords: Western Epistemology; Islamic Epistemology
Downloads: 56
[texts]Explore and Expand Your Knowledge Through Repetition
Explore and Expand Your Knowledge Through Repetition
Keywords: Epistemology; Education
Downloads: 66
[audio]Faith as Epistemological Skepticism
Short essay on the concept of faith as epistemological skepticism.
Keywords: faith; skepticism; epistemology
Downloads: 80
[audio]10.29 Wednesday Logic
Discussion of predication and identity.
Keywords: Logic; Epistemology; Identity
Downloads: 6
[texts]My Nature, Your Nature & The Nature of Everything - Sivashanmugam. P, Intellectual Development Foundation President
My Nature, Your Nature & The Nature of Everything
Keywords: Uniformatics; Invariantology; epistemology
Downloads: 133
[texts]The Brain Hurting Questions - Sivashanmugam, 13/1 Rasagoundan Pudur, Manappalli - 637017 - India
The Brain Hurting Questions
Keywords: Epistemology; philosophy; Science
Downloads: 135
[texts]Dissert - Sandro R. D'Onofrio
A dissertation submitted to the Faculty of the Graduate School of State University of New York at Buffalo
Keywords: Aquinas; Medieval Epistemology; Representationalism
Downloads: 41
[audio]Theaetetus - Plato
Uncompressed 32 bit 192 khz WAV64 version of the LibriVox recording of Theaetetus by Plato. Translated by Benjamin Jowett. Read in English by Geoffrey Edwards. Meta Coordinator:  J.M. Smallheer. Proof Listener: Lucretia B.Theaetetus (Ancient Greek: Θεαίτητος) discusses concepts including perception, true judgment and knowledge. Socrates compares the human mind to a piece of wax and is critical of lawyers who seek only to persuade...
Keywords: Philosophy; Plato; Greek; Epistemology
Downloads: 20
[audio]Conversations from the Pale Blue Dot 074: Michael Bishop - Luke Muehlhauser
Michael Bishop discusses Strategic Reliabilism.
Keywords: epistemology; philosophy; skepticism
Downloads: 2,940
[texts]The Lamo Of Epictetus - Jacomb, Edward.

Keywords: PHILOSOPHY. PSYCHOLOGY; Logic. Epistemology
Downloads: 922
[texts]The New Humanity Of Intuition - Jinarajadasa,C.

Keywords: PHILOSOPHY. PSYCHOLOGY; Logic. Epistemology
Downloads: 486
[texts]Logical Positivism And Ethics - Aristotelian Society

Keywords: PHILOSOPHY. PSYCHOLOGY; Logic. Epistemology
Downloads: 1,080
[texts]Falsehood: An Analysis of Illusion's Singularity - Marc A. Burock
It is a common tactic, going back to the beginnings of religion and philosophy, to presume that we are enveloped in a world of untruth and illusion, thereby fueling our movement toward truth. But the accumulation of skepticism has made us skeptical that truth can be found, so many of us have abandoned the quest all-together, yet we continue to believe in the reality of illusion, if only implicitly and locally...
Keywords: Epistemology; Skepticism; Falsehood; Illusion
Downloads: 499
[texts]Human Relations - Landau,Rom.

Keywords: PHILOSOPHY. PSYCHOLOGY; Logic. Epistemology
Downloads: 907
[texts]Tobgui_The.Epistemology.of.Qiyas - www.akademya.biz
tobgui, Epistemology, Qiyas
Keywords: tobgui; Epistemology; Qiyas
Downloads: 692
[texts]Bradleys Dialectic - Withington Church, Ralph.

Keywords: PHILOSOPHY. PSYCHOLOGY; Logic. Epistemology
Downloads: 372
[texts]Theory of Sivashanmugam - Sivashanmugam, P., 13/1 Rasagoundan Pudur, Manappalli - 637017 - India
Theory of Sivashanmugam
Keywords: epistemology; philosophy; science; education
Downloads: 65
[audio]Gregory Bateson on Epistemology
Gregory Bateson talking about Epistemology
Keywords: Bateson Cybernetics Epistemology
Downloads: 1,628
[audio]Sophiapol_2011_journee.etude.philo.SHS_Franck Bessis
Introduction par Franck Bessis de la journée d'étude Philosophie et Sciences sociales organisée à Nanterre le jeudi 12 mai 2011.
Keywords: philosophy; social sciences; economy; epistemology
Downloads: 27
[audio]SOCPC #1 - The Maiden Voyage - Brian Parkin
The first episode of the Stream of Conscience Podcast begins the exploration of this crazy place we call life. We start with an introduction to epistemology, knowledge, and ethics.
Keywords: podcast; postmodernism; ethics; epistemology; christianity
Downloads: 2,249
[audio]Just Right #112 - Robert Metz
"Life Is Terrible, But Such Small Portions" Being Skeptical On Global Warming "Caveman Logic" = University Epistemology Getting It Right - Arguing For Capitalism, Not Against It TV Show Updates - Castle, Terminator, Doll House, Chuck - Plus: The Unusuals
Keywords: Global Warming; Epistemology; Freedom; Politics
Downloads: 6
[texts]One should agree with the modern professional scientific intellects even if it is a lie - Sivashanmugam. P., President, Intellectual Development Foundation
Do you agree that one should agree with the modern professional scientific intellects even if it is a lie?
Keywords: Science; philosophy; mathematics; education; epistemology
Downloads: 19
[audio]Episode 27: "How Do You Know What You Know?" - Willem Larsen
Willem begins a series of conversations with respected thinkers and peers, focused on the question, "How Do You Know What You Know?". This week he speaks with Billy, the fiddler in the old-time music band The WillBillys.
Keywords: epistemology philosophy animism tracking mystery
Downloads: 78
[audio]SOCPC #1 - The Maiden Voyage - Brian Parkin
The first episode of the Stream of Conscience Podcast introduces the plan to start building from the ground up a critical review of knowledge, wisdom, and ethics.
Keywords: postmodernism; podcast; epistemology; ethics; christianity
Downloads: 64
[audio]SOCPC #1 - The Maiden Voyage - Brian Parkin
The first episode of the Stream of Conscience Podcast introduces the plan to rebuild from the ground up a critical worldview of knowledge, wisdom, and ethics,
Keywords: postmodernism; christianity; ethics; epistemology; podcast
Downloads: 39
[audio]On Certainty - Ludwig Wittgenstein
Excerpts from Wittgenstein's text for my introduction to philosophy class.
Keywords: wittgenstein; on certainty; epistemology; logic
Downloads: 857
[texts]Foundations of Metrology (Volume 86) - Simpson, J.A.
Journal of Research of the National Bureau of Standards
Keywords: epistemology; measurement; measurement assurance; metrology
Downloads: 465
[audio]Conversations from the Pale Blue Dot 048: Konrad Talmont-Kaminski
I interview philosopher Konrad Talmont-Kaminski about some varieties of philosophical naturalism and the differences between naturalism and supernaturalism.
Keywords: naturalism; supernaturalism; philosophy; epistemology; interview
Downloads: 2,335
[texts]Impact Of Evolution On Scientific Method - Deely, John N. & Nogar, Raymond J.
by the Thomist semiotician Deely, John N. & Nogar, Raymond J.
Keywords: evolution; epistemology; science; scientific method
Downloads: 26
[audio]Conversations from the Pale Blue Dot 072: Tyler Wunder
Tyler Wunder explains why Alvin Plantinga's reformed epistemology fails.
Keywords: Plantinga; philosophy; religion; epistemology; warrant
Downloads: 3,826
[movies]Prime Your Analysis - Sivashanmugam. P., 13/1 Rasagoundan Pudur, Manappalli - 637017 - India
Regain the analytical capacity which you have lost through education! Download the WINDOWS MEDIA (pya.wmv) for better quality.
Keywords: Uniformatics; Invariantology; Education; Philosophy; Science; Epistemology; Ontology
Downloads: 13
[texts]Know Thyself - Raam Gokhale
In his thought-provoking dialogue which makes a useful introduction to Epistemology, Raam Gokhale considers a number of ways of defining knowledge which claim to be more informative than the man-in-the-street's definition of knowledge as just another name for true belief. Beliefs which are merely true by luck or accident don't count as genuine 'knowledge'. Or do they? What makes the difference, if there is one?
Keywords: Epistemology; Kedar Joshi; Raam Gokhale; Knowledge
Downloads: 53
[movies]NHCC - How Do We Speak Truth to a Truth-Denying World - Sunday - Kenneth J Nichols
This is the 2nd of a eight-part message series called "I Was Wondering" presented by Kenneth Nichols, Preaching Minister at Northern Hills Christian Church in Cincinnati, OH at the Saturday Connect Service.
Keywords: Post modernism; truth; absolutes; relativism; epistemology; absolutism
Downloads: 19
[audio]"Ask an Atheist" Episode 2: Epistemology: Knowledge and Belief, June 13th, 2010
Second episode of Seattle-based public access call-in program. Show focuses primarily on issues related to atheism, skeptical inquiry, and the separation of church and state. . Hosted by Case and Casey Doran. The topic is the philosophical "theory of knowledge" and how it relates to belief.
Keywords: atheist; atheism; skepticism; knowledge; belief; epistemology
Downloads: 44
[audio]Just Right #272 Robert Metz & Robert Vaughan
Just Right-272-October 18, 2012, Feedback From Our Listeners, What Do You Mean By That?, Believe Me, You Can Trust Us, Our Unhealthy Health Care System, Who's The Authority On Authority?
Keywords: Epistemology; Healthcare; Freedom; Politics; Feedback; Bullying
Downloads: 14
[audio]The Image and Likeness of God by Gordon Haddon Clark - Gordon Haddon Clark
The Image and Likeness of God by Gordon Haddon Clark
Keywords: apologetics; theology; philosophy; reformed; calvinism; presuppositionalism; epistemology
Downloads: 22
[texts]What is the use of the knowledge which cannot be repeated? - Sivashanmugam. P., Lecturer, Biophysical Chemistry, Department of Bioinformatics, Jamal Mohamed College, Tiruchirappalli - 620020 - India
What is the use of the knowledge which cannot be repeated? Is every knowledge repeated? What knowledge is repeated?
Keywords: epistemology; education; science; philosophy; mathematics; uniformatics; invariantology
Downloads: 99
[audio]Christopher Winch - Epistemic Ascent
SCETT Perspectives on Professionalism Conference (2012) - 'Epistemic ascent' in curriculum design
Keywords: Curriculum planning; epistemology; education; national curriculum
Downloads: 31
[texts]You can never defeat the laws of nature - Sivashanmugam, President of Intellectual Development Foundation
You can never defeat the laws of nature
Keywords: Sivashanmugam; science; mathematics; philosophy; epistemology; education
Downloads: 38
[texts]Orsett Briefing Papers for Psychologists No16 - Epistemology - Kevin Brewer
A brief introduction to concept of epistemology, particularly as relevant to psychology. October 2013
Keywords: psychology; epistemology; positivism; critical theory; phenomenology
Downloads: 27
[texts]Islamic social science methodology - Ibrahim Ragab
اÙÙÙÙجÙØ© اÙعاÙØ© ÙÙتأصÙ٠اÙإسÙاÙÙ ÙÙعÙÙ٠اÙاجتÙاعÙØ© ÙظرÙØ© اÙÙعرÙØ© Ù٠اÙÙÙظÙرÙ٠اÙتÙÙÙد٠ÙاÙإسÙاÙÙ
Keywords: Islamization of social science; Epistemology; Methodology
Downloads: 65
[texts]A Theory of Knowledge - Clovis Juarez Kemmerich
In this paper, I present some of the basic questions of Epistemology and try to come to some answers. My central claim, all along this paper, is that what is real is real even without being known; what is known is known even without being justified; what is true is true even without being justified; what is justified is justified only with the best reasons at the moment; what is founded is founded only if it agrees with what is real.
Keywords: epistemology; reality; knowledge; language; truth; justification; foundation
Downloads: 310
[texts]All Knowing Knowledge - Sivashanmugam Palaniappan, President, Intellectual Development Foundation
The All Knowing Knowledge & The Generative Grammar of Human Knowledge (Tamil Edition)
Keywords: Tamil; teaching; learning; epistemology; invariantology; uniformatics
Downloads: 168
[texts]Peithology: The Nature and Origin of Belief - Wm. Thomas Sherman, wts@gunjones.com, www.gunjones.com
Peithology: The Nature and Origin of Belief (Fifth edition) by Wm. Thomas Sherman, www.gunjones.com Last updated: 29 Dec. 2014
Keywords: Philosophy; Epistemology; History of Philosophy; Psychology
Downloads: 114
[movies]Research and Rediscover - Sivashanmugam. P., Biophysical chemistry Lecturer, Department of Bioinformatics, Jamal Mohamed College, Tiruchirappalli - 620020 - India
Search leads to discovery while research leads to rediscovery.... Research and rediscover the indestructible properties. DOWNLOAD THE WINDOWS MEADIA FILE FOR HIGH QUALITY VIDEO. http://www.archive.org/download/ResearchAndRediscover/ResearchAndRediscover.wmv
Keywords: Science; mathematics; philosophy; epistemology; ontology; uniformatics; invariantology
Downloads: 120
[audio]Theory of causality in Buddhism - David Casacuberta
An introduction to the way causality is understood in Buddhism, and how different it is from the way it is usually understood in the West
Keywords: buddhism; causality; epistemology; philosophy of mind
Downloads: 124
[texts]ERIC ED297033: Abduction and Affordance: A Semiotic View of Cognition. - ERIC
The shortcomings of the dominant information processing models of cognition are outlined, and two alterative models derived from semiotics are presented. In addition, the possibility of incorporating J. J. Gibson's ecological theory of affordance within the semiotic models is explored as a means of addressing some criticism of the latter models. The semiotic models addressed are J. Deely's (1983, 1986) sensation-based Umwelt model and U...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Cognitive Processes; Epistemology; Perception; Semiotics
Downloads: 3
[audio]Conversations from the Pale Blue Dot: 018 - Erik Baldwin
I interview philosopher Erik Baldwin about the three stages of Alvin Plantinga's career, and how religious pluralism poses a challenge to Plantinga's epistemology.
Keywords: Plantinga; epistemology; philosophy; pluralism; religion; interview
Downloads: 1,935
[audio]Lecture Course in Plato's Theaetetus - Daniel Bloom
(Spring 2014) This course is an examination of Plato's Theaetetus in its entirety.
Keywords: Plato; Theaetetus; Presocratic; philosophy; lecture; epistemology
Downloads: 122
[audio]Christ the Center 148: Formulating a Christian Epistemology - Reformed Forum
Several contributors from Philosophy for Theologians convene to discuss the guidelines for formulating a Christian epistemology. As a starting point, the panel looks at the seminal work by Edmund Gettier Is Justified True Belief Knowledge? In 1963 Gettier published a 3-page paper that turned the philosophical world on its head by supplying counterexamples that challenged the common definition of knowledge...
Keywords: reformed theology; christian; philosophy; epistemology; gettier
Downloads: 2,655
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